You may notice that:

  • You are motivated from within.
  • You stay motivated because you see the personal value in what you do.
  • It doesn’t matter what others are doing. You will continue with your fitness and health routines for YOU!
  • You tend to lose your focus when you are busy or prioritize other people over yourself.
  • You can regain your motivation when you reconnect with your WHY. Why did you get started in the first place? Keep coming back to this question!

Here are some specific tips that will help you as a Self-Motivator:

  • Spend some time journaling every week and reflect on these questions: Why is prioritizing my health important to me? What improvements to my health do I want to see? And what am I doing about it?  What small daily habits am I most proud of?
  • Remind yourself of your personal dreams, goals, and aspirations and how having better health will add to these things.
  • Be willing to stay true to yourself. Carve time out for your fitness routine, and make sure you enjoy it. Dedicate time to exercise and then reflect on how it went. Were you focused on what you were doing? What results are you seeing? 
  • Focus on staying consistent with your workouts.
  • If you need support, seek out a class, trainer, or accountability partner to help keep you on track!

Thank you so much for taking the Motivation Type Quiz!  I hope it was insightful and helpful for you as you take control of your health and thrive!  Don’t forget to bookmark this page and remember to keep an eye out for the tips and strategies we’ll send over email!

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