You may notice that:

  • You lead a busy life and sometimes life gets in the way of your fitness plan
  • You need flexibility in your workouts- you probably don’t always exercise at the same time each day
  • You like to be spontaneous
  • You like to change things up. The idea of doing the exact same workout at the exact time of day would drive you crazy! 
  • You can get bored with routine, so do things differently when you recognize boredom or avoidance sinking in

Here are some specific tips that will help you as an Inspired Action Taker:

  • Give yourself room for flexibility
  • Look at your week and schedule your workout in for a time that doesn’t feel too rushed.
  • After you exercise, write it in your calendar in order to keep track of the time and activity that felt good for you
  • Don’t feel pressured to exercise in a certain way or at a certain time. Do what works for YOU!
  • If you don’t fit in your workout, just move it to the next day. No guilt or pressure. Move it and make it a focus for tomorrow!
  • If you need support, seek out a class, trainer, or accountability partner to help keep you on track!

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