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Fall Fitness Classes

Get Back into a Fitness Routine this Fall!

Join An Online Fitness Class or Book an Instructor for an In-Person class in Ottawa.

Are you ready to exercise regularly and get back into a healthy routine? Are you ready to improve your strength, cardio and endurance, but not knowing where to start?

At AIM Fitness, we believe that it’s never too late to focus on your health. If you are READY to start making some positive changes and if you are READY to prioritize your health and see it improve, then we’d LOVE to help support you on your fitness journey!

Join an Online Fall Fitness Class with a Great Community! 

We have new workouts planned with exercises to help you:


✔ Improve your stamina for longer walks

✔ Strengthen your body for everyday activities

✔ Focus on your mobility and balance so that stairs and curbs are easier to maneuver 

✔ Weekly motivation, positivity, fitness tips, and the fun of exercising together in a group


*ALL NEW* Cardio HIIT Class
-with AIM Fitness Owner, Meg-
When: Tuesdays, 9am-9:45am (EST)
Where: Online on Zoom.
This class focuses on improving your cardio and strength. Get your heart rate up with 30-45 second intervals of exercises with weights and cardio exercises. Each class is different, fun and challenging! Work at your own pace! Mid level- advanced.
Next session runs:
November 1-Dec 20th, for 8 weeks.
Reg price: $135.60 CAD (includes tax)



❤ Strength & Balance Fitness Class ❤

-with AIM Fitness Owner, Meg-

When: Thursdays, 9:00-9:45am (EST)

Where: Online on Zoom.

What: This fitness class focuses on improving your balance, upper body, and lower body strength. We will be using weights, resistance bands, and a chair for this class for both standing and seated exercises.

Dates: The next session runs:

November 3-Dec 22, for 8 weeks.
Reg price: $135.60 CAD (includes tax)

❤ Both Tuesday and Thursday Classes ❤

Do you like the idea of exercising twice a week? You will see better results when you exercise regularly! Adults aged 65 + should exercise 150 minutes per week. 

Sign up for both the Tuesday HIIT and Thursday Strength and Balance Classes and SAVE 10%.


Regular price: $244.08 (includes tax)



VIP Small Group Personal Training

We’ve developed the VIP Experience- Small Group Personal Training along with access to the AIM Fitness Online Membership, a 12-week program for adults 50+! You are going to love it!

Join in for weekly workouts led by our Head Trainer Michelle, be part of a supportive community, and get access to over 200 exercise videos that you can do during the week in order to feel your best this fall!

This program is designed for Adults 50+ and seniors. Michelle will get to know you and make adaptations so you can get the most out of the program!

-Instructor: Head Trainer, Michelle

When: Starting in January 2023. Tuesdays, 9:00-9:45am (EST)

What: Small group personal training classes with 4-5 participants. Michelle will meet with participants individually for a health assessment prior to the class. (Value of $125!) Each class will be tailored to the group and will include the use of weights. 


BONUS: You will receive 3-months FREE access to the AIM Fitness Online Membership (which includes 200+ exercise and nutrition videos, Motivating Zoom calls, and documents to keep you on track! (Value of $150!)

Dates: January 10- March 28 (12 weeks)

Early Bird Price*: $649 + tax total ($216.33/month CAD for 3 months) ($54.08/class + tax) *When you sign up before December 1. **

Reg Price: $807 + tax total ($269/month CAD for 3 months) ($67.25/class + tax) **

**Note, you can pay in full or we can bill you monthly.

***Note, open to new participants only! Only 5 spots available!!


Click the link to apply for the program!

Reach out to book a class!

Are you interested in booking a group fitness class for you and your community? We offer in-person classes in the Ottawa area (Orleans to Kanata). We can teach at your retirement residence, community centre, or in your neighborhood. Our specialties are Fall Prevention, Strength and Balance, Chair Fitness, and Cardio HIIT. If you live outside of the Ottawa area, we can run a personalized online Zoom Fitness Class.

Contact us for more information!