Online Accountability Program


Group Program: AIM  Accountability

Build healthy habits and commit to your health this spring with AIM Fitness!

We understand how it’s challenging to stay motivated and consistent in your workouts at home. That’s why we’ve put together AIM Accountability, a 1-week accountability program for adults 50+ that combines regular exercise with weekly check-ins and support to help keep you moving and feeling your best.

This group program is designed for Adults 50+ and seniors.

At AIM Fitness, we believe that in retirement you have the opportunity to focus on your health, which is your greatest asset.

Just imagine all that you could do with better health! More energy to invest in your family, increased stamina for travel, and motivation to tackle projects and hobbies!

We love helping our clients develop healthy habits that lead to more energy, improved strength, and pride in your abilities!

*Group Program* AIM Accountability.

Join the 9-week online accountability program to help build healthy habits. We get started in April and the program runs until the end of June. The weekly calls will be Mondays 1:00-1:45pm (EST).


  • Who is the program designed for? For people who want to develop a habit of exercising regularly, eating healthier, or moving more during the day. For those who are ready to focus on better health RIGHT AWAY. For those who know they can change but appreciate some guidance and encouragement along the way. And for those who found that COVID disrupted their lifestyle and they want to focus on themselves again!
  • It’s Designed with Success for YOU in Mind. It’s a 9-week program with weekly accountability group calls (45 minutes) to check-in, celebrate your wins, share your goals, and with a weekly topic designed to keep you consistent in your workouts and healthy eating.
The Accountability Call topics:
Meg will be teaching 1 topic each week:
  1. Creating fun and realistic goals
  2. Motivating yourself…when you’d rather not move
  3. Creating accountability within yourself
  4. Making empowered decisions and pre-planning for success
  5. Tips and strategies to take action
  6. And more…
!!BONUS!! Also included in the program: 
 -2-months access to the AIM Fitness Online Membership* (which includes 200+ exercise and nutrition videos)
*For new members only. If you are a current member, ask about our special member pricing.
-AIM Accountability Facebook Group: Receive encouragement and support for the duration of the program by joining our accountability group on Facebook to build relationships and encourage yourself and others through regular check-ins!
-Past participants will receive 10% off AIM Accountability when they join for another session.
Each week you will receive practical tips, accountability, and inspiration to help you move closer towards better health 🙂
Regular Price: $349 (CAD) + tax (until April 21st)
Member’s Price: $249 (CAD) + tax* (until April 21st)*
*The rate for AIM Fitness Online Members, class participants, and current clients
Are you feeling motivated and ready to start your fitness journey with all the support and encouragement to make the next 9-weeks your BEST?
Let’s do this!!