6-Week Fall Prevention Course


6- Week Fall Prevention Course

Head Up, Shoulders Back

6-Week Fall Prevention Course

At AIM Fitness, we are very passionate about helping people prevent falls, and a huge part of that is improving balance and leg strength! But did you know that there’s so much more to it?
Based on over 16 years of working with adults 50+ 1-on-1 and in group settings, owner Meg is putting together a 6-week fall prevention course which will help you maintain your independence, make walking easier and more enjoyable, and help to improve your confidence if you are worried about falling. Meg recently became BoneFit Trained © which means that everything she shares will be safe for those living with low bone mass or Osteoporosis.
Here’s the outline for what to expect in the 6-week course.
-Navigating stairs and curbs more easily
-How to activate the core
-Bone strength for Osteoporosis
-The importance of looking up
-Walking patterns
-Vertigo and dizziness
-Removing home hazards
Each week along with the topic, you’ll be able to join in for a fall-prevention focused exercise workout.
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This may be a good fit for you, or maybe you know someone who could benefit from the teaching and training. Please help us spread the word!