AIM Fit Tips For Sticking To Your Exercise Goals

Jun 23, 2017

We all do it, we say we want to exercise a minimum of __ times per week but somewhere along the line we get off track.

Summer can get especially tricky while juggling vacations, enjoying summer events and having kids home from school! Although it can be busy staying active is important so we have come up with some great strategies to help make sure you stick to your goals

1) Wear clothes you can move in!
Have you ever meant to get a workout in and then by the time you dig out your clean exercise clothes you have also lost your motivation? Try wearing clothes you can move in so you don’t need to worry about changing. If you work outside the home try changing into activewear before leaving work that way you can go straight to the gym or get moving as soon as you arrive home. Bring your running shoes with you to work so you can fit in a 20-minute walk during your lunch break!

2) Make a plan for the week.
Set some time aside to plan your workouts for the entire week. Similar to having to go get changed it can be easy to lose your motivation when you need to sit and think of your workout first (or find one on Pinterest). If you already know what you are doing, your workout will be more efficient and you are more likely to get it done! Be specific and plan the exact time you will do your workouts. Use your calendar and treat it as an important meeting. You deserve it!

3) Reward yourself!!
Setting up a small reward system is a great way to keep the fire burning. Whether you put a dollar in a jar after each workout or go for a Mani/Pedi for meeting your goals two weeks in, a reward can be a great tool.

Don’t forget that we have a great lineup of classes running throughout the summer and we’d love to be a part of your weekly plan! Even if you have lots on the go you can choose our drop-in option.

Best Wishes,

The AIM Fit Team

Meg Stickl

Owner and Personal Trainer, AIM Fitness

Meg Stickl is an Older Adult Fitness Expert and the Founder of AIM Fitness- a local Ottawa Mobile Fitness Company specializing in Adults 50+.

Meg and her team love seeing their one-on-one Personal Training Clients gain strength and energy. Meg is passionate about sharing her knowledge about aging and fitness in the community, and she loves to travel to New York City and Jamaica!