5 Day Fitness Challenge

Why YOU should join the 5-Day Fitness Challenge:
1.Improve your Motivation!
Could you use some motivation to get started? Kickstart your fitness routine. We will help you get excited about exercising!
2.Improve your Quality of Life!
Exercising for only 15 minutes per day can improve your day to day life including more strength and energy for all you want to do!
3.Improve your Mobility!
We’ll help you get prepared for all the twisting, bending, and reaching required for your favorite spring activities!
4.Improve your Strength
Build up your upper body strength, so it’s easier to lift, move and carry the equipment and supplies that you’ll be using this spring!
5. Focus on Prevention
It’s important to develop a habit of regular exercise BEFORE you head outside to golf or garden. Did you know that 15-minutes of movement can help to prevent injury and improve your mobility and flexibility, allowing you to do more with fewer aches and pains?? It’s true!
If you are ready to launch into spring focusing on better health, more strength, improved energy, and improved mobility for gardening or golfing, then you will LOVE the 5- Day Fitness Challenge!
So what can you expect?
Join in for a FUN 15-minute daily workout led by Head Trainer Michelle and Meg, the CEO of AIM Fitness! Each morning at 9am (EST) you will receive the workout of the day in your email inbox. You can do the workout right away, or fit it into your day at anytime! All you will need is a chair, some weights and a resistance band!
The FREE Fitness Challenge runs:
May 13-17, Monday-Friday, daily at 9am (EST)!
Where? Right at home! Check your email every morning at 9am (EST) for the daily workout!
We can’t wait to exercise with YOU! Spread the word and invite your friends and neighbors to join you!
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