3 Reasons Your Aging Parent Needs One-on-One Support.

Jun 4, 2019

Are you Barely Hanging on as the Caregiver of an Aging Parent?

You never imagined you’d be in this position. You didn’t think your life would look like this. You didn’t think this level of exhaustion existed. You didn’t expect to be pulled in so many directions. Caring for an Aging Parent is NO easy job. It wouldn’t be too bad actually if that was the ONE thing you did. But that’s not the case. You have a busy career. You are taking care of and providing for your kids. You have obligations and demands on your time. You volunteer and you are involved in your community. And you barely have time for yourself. (You don’t even have time to read this article-You’re probably skimming it!) And then to top it off you have your aging parent to care for. This is physically, emotionally and psychologically draining. Not sometimes, but ALL the time. You feel guilty when you aren’t with them. You have a hard time saying no to their demands. You hate feeling resentful and you feel bad that you can’t do more.

You never thought your life would look like this. Is this how it will be forever? Is this your new normal??

“I wish I had more time to spend with my senior parent. I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions. I feel so much guilt.”

I am here to share some really good news with you! Your life doesn’t need to continue as it is. At AIM Fitness we work with tired, stressed, busy kids who have senior parents. We see their transformation (and also the senior parent’s improvements too!)

So who are we at AIM Fitness?

We are a team of qualified, certified Personal Trainers who specialize in Senior Fitness. We do In-Home Personal Training in Ottawa and visit our senior clients in their own homes. We work with Seniors who have Dementia, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and MS. We work with seniors who have memory issues, who are stubborn, depressed, lonely and grieving the loss of a spouse. We support families who live out of town, are part of the Sandwich Generation, are business owners, are burnt out, are exhausted and completely done.

We know that life can and will improve!

Here’s what we suggest:

The 3 Reasons Why One-on-One Support is the Solution for YOU and your Aging Parent:

1. We Give your Aging Parent Undivided Attention
Our goal is to help your parent improve their physical health by increasing their strength, mobility and preventing falls. We help your senior parent with their mindset. We teach them that you are never too old to feel better! We help them feel young again. We love hearing their personal stories about when they were growing up, how the world has changed and what they have learned over their lifetime. You may be hearing their stories over and over, but for us it is brand new. We are happy to give our full attention to your parent for the 2-3 times we see them each week.

2. We are Interested in Knowing Who your Parent Is.
We are here for your parent. We want to know where they grew up, where they met their spouse, and how they used to stay active. Part of knowing and building trust is by finding out about their history and who they were and have become over the years. Your aging parent may be grieving the loss of their abilities, pastimes and the life they once had. Our goal is to support them fully by listening, helping them exercise safely and by bringing them life and joy in each interaction. We are the “Eyes and Ears” for you! We can let you know when we notice a change in their behavior, abilities or health. And this means you can take a break or take the day off from coming in to see them, knowing that we will be visiting and exercising with them that day.

3. We will Affirm their New Accomplishments, as their Health Declines.
Everything in their life may be failing. Maybe they can’t see anymore. Maybe their hearing is worsening or they are unable to read. Your parent’s health is changing and this can be very depressing. When we work with our senior clients we begin with a Fitness Assessment, so we can chart the progress of your parent. Every single one of our clients have improved! It’s always exciting for both them and their family! Our job is to encourage and celebrate every win that your parent has. They may not have many wins anymore, so we make sure to affirm their accomplishments! We record them so you can also see and celebrate with your parent. We know that your parent will not take your fitness advice, but they will be happy to brag about what they can do, thanks to their Personal Trainer.

We would love to support you with your aging parent living in Ottawa. Our goal is to help 100 more seniors this year! Give Meg a call to set up a 20 minute Discovery Call at 613-869-3246 or email meg@activitiesinmotion.ca

Is your parent independent but you notice they are not enjoying their life?
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xo Meg Stickl
Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Expert
AIM Fitness

Meg Stickl

Owner and Personal Trainer, AIM Fitness

Meg Stickl is an Older Adult Fitness Expert and the Founder of AIM Fitness- a local Ottawa Mobile Fitness Company specializing in Adults 50+.

Meg and her team love seeing their one-on-one Personal Training Clients gain strength and energy. Meg is passionate about sharing her knowledge about aging and fitness in the community, and she loves to travel to New York City and Jamaica!

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